Commentary: Delay DSH cuts and find a sustainable fix for uncompensated care costs

In a new commentary in The Hill, America’s Essential Hospitals board Chair Donna Sollenberger calls on Congress to “finish what it left undone before the holiday break: Pass a minimum two-year delay of the Medicaid DSH cuts. read more »

Commentary: Don’t leave low-income Americans behind in next funding bill

Congress must not forget millions of low-income patients and their hospitals when it passes the next government funding measure, America’s Essential Hospitals board Chair Donna Sollenberger writes in this Modern Healthcare commentary. read more »

Our View: Medicaid DSH is Critical to Patients

America’s Essential Hospitals is demanding Congress halt fiscal year 2018 DSH cuts and delay further cuts at least two years so policymakers and hospitals can find a sustainable, permanent solution to uncompensated care costs. read more »

Bipartisan Majority of House Members Support Two-Year DSH Cuts Delay

In September 2017, 221 bipartisan members of the House of Representatives signed a letter that strongly calls on House leaders to pass a two-year delay of the damaging Medicaid DSH cuts. read more »

Our Reform Principles: Coverage and Sustainable Hospital Support

Our health care reform principles: continued access to comprehensive coverage for all now covered; equitable, stable, sustainable Medicaid funding across states; and financial stability for essential hospitals. read more »

Market-Based Approaches to Medicaid Expansion: A Look Toward the Future?

This policy brief examines Section 1115 waivers that use a market-based approach to expanding Medicaid. Early findings suggest states implementing waivers have seen higher Medicaid enrollment and lower uncompensated care costs. read more »